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       The The State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) is the apex body constituted vide Section 31 of the Indian Electricity Act - 2003 (Central Act No. 36 of 2003) and complies with the directions stipulated in Section 33 to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the state of Assam. SLDC, ASSAM was established in the year 1983 is located at Kahilipara, Guwahati. SLDC, Assam is presently being operated by the state transmission utility of Assam i.e. Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd. (AEGCL)

       Every licensee, generating company, generating station, sub-station and any other person connected with the operation of the power system shall comply with the directions issued by the State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC).

      The responsibility of SLDC as enshrined in the statute includes:-

1.Monitor & operate the state grid of Assam on real time basis through optimum scheduling & despatch in secure and economic ways, and in accordance with the provisions of Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC) and State Grid Code.

2.Supervise and Control the intra-state transmission system.

3.Keep account of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the state grid including the energy exchanged through Power Exchange entities, and bi-lateral trading through Open Access system.

4.Comply with the operational guide-lines of NERLDC for overall system stability and security.

5.SLDC implements the orders/directives from NERLDC, Shillong and other statutory bodies like CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission), NERPC and The Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission (AERC).

6.Penalty on Violation of Grid Discipline:- CERC imposed heavy Penalty on Overdrawal to enhance grid Performance as per SEC of Indian Electricity Act.

7.Forum of Load Despatchers : Forum of Load Despatchers (FOLD) is a forum of organizations carrying out System Control activities in India. It has been created on the basis of the decisions arrived in the Ninth meeting of Forum of Regulators (FOR) held at Bhubaneshwar on 14th and 15th November 2008. Inauguration of FOLD on 21st August 2009 at New Delhi by Honorable Union Minister of Power Shri Sushilkumar Shinde.


  *  Atalji , we have only lost you bodily, but the soul of your teachings will always keep guiding the nation for many generations to come! RIP!



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